Thursday, April 9, 2009

Casual Listening - Mexican Institute of Sound, Billy Ray Cyrus, Buraka Som Sistema

Casual Listening

a review of cool new music

by Jeff Pinzino

April 10, 2009

* Mexican Institute of Sound (electronic)

A brilliant remix of popular Mexican sounds. Cumbia, Banda, and Corrido get twisted almost beyond recognition to meet the demands of the modern dance floor. MIS’ double vision is both original and playful.

Listen to Mexican Institute of Sound “Yo Digo Baila

* Billy Ray Cyrus – Back to Tennessee (country)

Hannah Montana’s dad pushes the envelope of Nashville country with complex songwriting and edgy rock bordering on grunge. “He’s Mine” is one of several songs on this album that speak to the difficulty of a flawed man trying to live an upright life.

Listen to Billy Ray Cyrus “He’s Mine

Buraka Som Sistema – Black Diamond (world)

Kuduro music is a cultural cage match that comes from Angola via Portugal, and Buraka Som Sistema owns the crown in this genre. Electronic beats drive the sound, balanced with the analog tones of shakers, bells, drums, and rap-style vocals. Intense, driving rhythms make this a workout either for the nightclub or the health club.

Listen to Buraka Som Sistema “Kalemba (Wegue-Wegue)

Cyril Neville – Brand New Blues (blues)

Texas roadhouse sound with New Orleans flair. Slinky guitar, electric organ, and funk-laden drumming hook up a party caboose to a twelve-bar blues engine. Songs of hope and change are alternate with songs about women, both wrong-doing and otherwise.

Listen to Cyril Neville “Cream Them Beans

Enter the Haggis – Gutter Anthems (rock)

Put aside for the moment that I’m a sucker for anything with bagpipes – Enter the Haggis makes a solid connection between modern rock and Celtic tradition. The band is more melody and less punk than some of their contemporaries. And yes, a righteous helping of rock ‘n’ roll bagpipes.

Listen to Enter the Haggis “The Litter and the Leaves

* highly recommended

! highest recommendation

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