Thursday, April 16, 2009

Casual Listening Extra - DEATH

Casual Listening


April 17, 2009

Guest listener: James Mumm

DEATH: For The World To See

This three piece from Detroit is the best band you've never heard of...period, the best punk band you would carve a tattoo of George Bush of your arm in order to be able to see live (you can't, one of the members passed away a few years ago), and the best African-American punk band of all time (yes, I said it, now you can troll about Bad Brains for the next few hours until you actually listen to DEATH, then you will see). The New York Times headline on March 12th said it all, "This band was punk before punk was punk." You can check out "Politicians in my eyes" on Youtube and their seven song album is a measly $7 bucks on iTunes. Get it now!

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