Thursday, September 11, 2008

Horse Feathers, Patty Loveless, Kimya Dawson

Casual Listening

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by Jeff Pinzino

September 12, 2008

* Horse Feathers – House With No Home (rock)

Cello, violin, and an occasional banjo give a rich texture to a sensitive songwriter with a guitar. This is Van Morrison's Astral Weeks with the vocals dialed down. Beautiful and enduring.

Listen to Horse Feathers "Rude toRile"

* Patty Loveless – Sleepless Nights (country)

One of country's strongest voices wails through a set of tearjerkers. She nods to the tradition without being rigidly traditional – her cover of Hank Williams' "Cold Cold Heart" takes its own time, while "Pain of Loving You" has an echo of the Carter Family.

Listen to Patty Loveless "Pain of Loving You"

Emiliana Torrini – Me and Armini (rock)

One of the hippest-sounding singers around, she's got an effervescent voice that pairs well with the retro-euro-pop settings and quiet guitar on this album. She's my choice to do the title track of the next James Bond movie.

Listen to Emiliana Torrini "Ha Ha"

Meiko – Meiko (rock)

Ambling, sweet songs sung by a woman with a voice so warm you want to curl up inside of it. There's a reason she's been a shooting star through the MySpace galaxy.

Listen to Meiko "Reasons to Love You"

Kimya Dawson ­– Alphabutt (childrens)

I think the more appropriate name for this genre is "childish." A potty-humor hootenanty from the woman who brought you the "Juno" soundtrack. I'm hiding this one from my son until he's eight, and I look forward to laughing uncontrollably with him when the day comes.

Listen to Kimya Dawson "Alphabutt"

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