Friday, September 12, 2008

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September 12, 2008

More Women Rock

It's remarkable that all the top picks this week come from women, or in the case of Horse Feathers, a band that includes women. Even more remarkable is all the notable ones that didn't make the list. A quick roundup:

Jessica Simpson – Do You Know (country) She can really sing country! An assist from Dolly Parton doesn't hurt.

Joan Baez – Day After Tomorrow (folk) Despite the fact that her voice makes anything sound good, her sound continues to be pitched to an aging demographic. What Joan needs is a Rick Rubin/Johnny Cash-style makeover, or an album of duets with Ani DiFranco.

Dar Williams – Promised Land (folk) At the Otis Elevator Factory, baby elevators are lining up to be the first to play this album while making long, placid trips from floor to floor.


Girl Talk – Feed The Animals(dance) I'm the last critic to review this one, but it's worth the pay-what-you-want fee to get it. With over 900 samples of recognizable songs, it's like a giant game of "Where's Waldo"

I Am Three (rock) The self-described "acoustic power duo" puts out a compelling mix of jazz and rap anchored in a folk-rock sound. Strong vocals make compelling listening for an unconventional but effective fusion. Self-released on MySpace:

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