Friday, May 9, 2008

Style Pandora Contest

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Style Pandora Contest

Far more interesting than finding Pandora's pitfalls is discovering its potential. You can create some really cool radio, and even listen to each other's stations. So the new contest is Style Pandora - create the coolest, most creative station you can imagine using Pandora.

We've enlisted celebrity judges for this one: 2 of Pandora's crackerjack staff will join me in deciding the winner of this contest.

We've also upped the stakes. In addition to a guest spot on Casual Listening, winners will receive a free Pandora t-shirt.

The rules:

1. You may use any feature currently available through Pandora to create your station. Multiple songs and artists, guiding the program with thumbs up/thumbs down, etc. are all encouraged.

2. Judges will listen to your station directly through Pandora's "share” feature. The ultimate criteria are the judges’ own superiorly discriminating tastes in music.

3. E-mail your name and the name of your station to me at Deadline May 23. We’ll post winners the following week.

In the spirit of Casual Listening, genre-bending stations are encouraged.

Have fun and good luck!

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