Friday, May 30, 2008

Casual Listening Extra 5-30-08

Casual Listening

May 30, 2008

We've got a winner for the "Style Pandora" contest. David Soleil wins for his station "Funkyazz Radio." You can listen to the station here. Lucia, one of our Pandora judges, describes the station this way:

"I'm impressed by how much careful work David has put into that station. It's very creative, but also enjoyable to listen to, which is not always easy to do! I like that the musicians are all stellar, but in quite different styles; from be-bop to big band to funk to latin jazz to salsa. Also, he picked musicians who specialize in different instruments, which makes the station even more varied: tenor sax, trombone, trumpet, keyboards, percussion (congas!) and of course, vocalists.

"I also found it interesting that David seeded or thumbs-upped two different versions of two classic songs. (Caravan and Pass the Peas, two versions each) The versions of Caravan, in particular, are *quite* different.

"It's a cheerful, energetic, playful station!"

I agree -- this is good listening. For his entry, David will receive a Pandora t-shirt and will be guest writer for a week on Casual Listening. Congratulations!

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