Thursday, August 20, 2009

Casual Listening - Delbert McClinton, Cachao's Mambo All-Stars, Terence Blanchard

Casual Listening

a review of cool new music

by Jeff Pinzino

August 21, 2009

! Delbert McClinton – Acquired Taste (blues)

You’ll hear more of the American landscape in this album than anything short of hopping a cross-country freight train. Soul, blues, bajou, rhum-boogie, all with pitch-perfect production. Rattletrap drums, warbling organ, and a voice that’ll burn the rust off an old Cadillac. After more than 40 years in the business, McClinton’s at the top of his game.

Listen to Delbert McClinton “Mama’s Little Baby

* Cachao’s Mambo All-Stars – Como Siempre (Latin)

Mambo is where salsa came from, and its brassy, dance-demanding sound plays as well today as it did 70 years ago. The band carries on the legacy of Israel “Cachao” Lopez, one of the originators of the mambo in Havana. A big horn section with flute, guitars, chorus, and lots of percussion – ¡Qué sabroso!

Listen to Cachao’s Mambo All-Stars “Alto Songo

Terence Blanchard – Choices (jazz)

Give Blanchard credit for adding a most unusual instrumentalist to his ensemble: Cornell West on mystical rumination. The spoken word makes an interesting counterpoint to cool jazz charts stamped with Blanchard’s unconventional melodies and shimmering trumpet work.

Listen to Terence Blanchard “Jazz Man in the World of Ideas” and “Him or Me

Sean Paul – Imperial Blaze (reggae)

Paul is a master of the singsong delivery and hopscotch rhythm that distinguishes dancehall from conventional hip-hop. You’ll find big hooks and boisterous attitude in this crowd-pleasing set.

Listen to Sean Paul “So Fine

Choo Choo La Rouge – Black Clouds (rock)

Scruffy, tuneful rock & roll with retro tendencies. Wilco fans should feel right at home.

Listen to Choo Choo La Rouge “Here Come the Guns

Linzay Young & Joel Savoy – Linzay Young & Joel Savoy (Folk)

Honest, unpretentious Cajun music with two fiddles and two voices. Spare, beautiful songs and some uptempo numbers whose charm lies in their simplicity.

Listen to Linzay Young & Joel Savoy – “Mercredi Soir

* highly recommended

! highest recommendation

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