Thursday, August 21, 2008

Casual Listening - George Jones, Dandy Warhols, Staind

Casual Listening

a review of cool new music

by Jeff Pinzino

August 22, 2008

* George Jones – Burn Your Playhouse Down (country)

Get yourself a big glass of beer to cry in with this one. The renowned honky-tonker gives a set of well-crafted duets with a star-studded array of guests. Jones aims straight for the heartstrings, and hits on nearly every song. This songwriting is strong enough to turn more heads than just the hat-and-boot crowd.

Listen to George Jones “The Window Up Above

Salme Dahlstrom – The Acid Cowgirl Audio Trade (dance)

Contagious pop grooves with heavy drum beats, samples, and cool-girl vocals. Enjoy this summer party album before the summer gets away from you.

Listen to Salme Dahlstrom “C’mon Y’all

Dandy Warhols – ...Earth to the Dandy Warhols... (rock)

This band puts catchy songs behind layers of sound -- primarily guitars and electronica with an occasional smattering of other instruments, including banjos, trumpets, and glockenspiels. I may live to regret this comparison -- Sonic Youth meets Duran Duran? Don't take my word for it -- you can actually hear every track from their new album for free at If you really like it, $35 gets you a subscription: a download, CD, concert poster, advance concert sales, 10% of merchandise, and b-sides e-mailed to you throughout the year.

Listen to Dandy Warhols “Love Song

JW Jones – Bluelisted (blues)

I think I’m late to this party, but it’s a good party, and worth checking out. JW draws on electric blues and early rock & roll with spot-on guitar riffs and Hammond organ. The cavernous reverb on the album sounds like it was recorded at a 1950’s vintage VFW hall. A real treat of a blues set.

Listen to JW Jones “Can’t Play a Playboy

Staind ­– The Illusion of Progress (rock)

For a bunch of guys known primarily for rocking really hard, there’s a lot of finesse to the songs on this album. Big guitars play second fiddle to shadowy, introspective vocals and a tunefulness that’s a rewarding listen. I wish more alternative rock bands set the bar this high.

Listen to Staind “Pardon Me

Matthew Stubbs – Soul Bender (soul)

Horn-driven old-school soul music. This all-instrumental album shows off Stubbs’ serious guitar fretwork on a set of songs that is screaming to find its way onto a movie soundtrack.

Listen to Matthew Stubbs “Soul Bender

Jerry Douglas – Glide (bluegrass)

Douglas is maybe the best-known dobro player on the bluegrass scene, bringing a characteristic slide guitar sound to a varied set of original acoustic compositions. He continues to show off his chops with newgrass pals such as mandolinist Sam Bush and bassist Edgar Meyer.

Listen to Jerry Douglas “Bounce

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