Friday, June 27, 2008

Casual Listening Extra 6-27-08

Casual Listening


Gilberto Gil on Democracy Now

He’s been a musical innovator, a political prisoner, and is now Brazil’s minister of culture. Amy Goodman spends an hour with one of the most important figures in music today. You can find the show here.

Au – Verbs (folk)

Ry Cooder – I, Flathead (rock)

Big Blue Ball – Big Blue Ball (world)

Kutless – To Know That You’re Alive (rock)

Withered – Folie Circulaire (metal)

Amos Lee – Last Days at the Lodge (R&B)

Immortal Technique – The 3rd World (rap)

Given the ridiculous number of reviews already this week, I won’t be writing in detail about any of these. I’m not sure I’d spend money on Au, but it’s a big mind-opener. Ry Cooder is hit and miss space-rockabilly. Big Blue Ball is Peter Gabriel and friends, and is a broad mix of world beat. Kutless is Christian rock that really rocks. Withered is one of the most listenable black metal albums I’ve come across. Amos Lee is notable blues-folk in a Tracy Chapman vein and might have made the list on a slower week. Immortal Technique is revolutionist hip-hop, and whatever you think of his politics, there’s no doubting that he’s part of the minority of rap artists who believe in the power of words.

Killing Karma, Saturday, 11pm Elbo Room

Check out some cool alternative metal at the Elbo Room in Chicago on Saturday at 11pm. Give a shout to Francisco, and tell him Jeff sent you. Their MySpace page is here.

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