Thursday, April 17, 2008

Casual Listening Extra 4-18-08

Casual Listening


April 18, 2008

AsiaPhoenix (rock)

Some reunions are just a bad idea. The original progressive rock supergroup ended up being the butt of a joke in “The 40-year Old Virgin.” The latest version doesn’t even rise to that level.

Justin Roberts – Pop Fly (kids)

Roberts swims in the smart end of the kiddie pool. Musically, I don’t think this is his best album, but Roberts is still an artist to watch – one that parents and kids will both enjoy. Thanks to Allen for turning me on to his work.

The Naked Brothers Band (rock)

Better than you’d expect for Nickelodeon’s version of the Monkees. Harmless Pop with more than a hint of soul. I’d pick Naked Brothers over Hannah Montana for interesting music.

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