Friday, November 23, 2007

Casual Listening 11-23-07

Casual Listening
a review of cool new music

November 23, 2007

! Amy Winehouse – Frank (soul/R&B)

Amy Winehouse before they tried to make her go to rehab. This album is a sassy blend of danceable beats, confident vocals and blunt lyrics that will make you blush. Amy always makes you feel like you’re in a smoky, kind of dirty, 1940’s night club with her horn and piano accompaniment. In rehab or drunk… Amy can lay it down, I LOVE this album.

* Jean Grae – The Orchestral Files (rap/hip-hop)

Grae’s commanding voice, loaded lyrics and self-proclaimed, “Old School” rhymes will leave YOU feeling “schooled”. A dj spinning tracks in the background and live clappers will compel you to nod your head, and listen up. Her tone is Lauryn Hill-esque, and her opinions are strong. This album might make you want to bust out your own rhyme.

Lamar Campbell – New Song New Sound (Christian/gospel)

Lamar gives you everything you might expect from a gospel singer. He has a powerful yet gentle voice, a killer gospel choir behind him and band that will cause your body to unconsciously sway in your chair, and make a believer out of you. Halleluiah!

Flunk – Personal Stereo (electronica)

Attention Regina Spektor fans – you will need this album. A bit slower than Ms. Spektor likes to lay her tracks, this chilled out collection is perfect for rainy afternoons and days when you feel like you’re the star of your own Indie film.

Richard Cole – Shade (jazz)

Sometimes edgy, sometimes perfectly flowing, Richard Cole’s album, “Shade” is an easy jazz album to pick up. The piano seems to walk in the track “Moxy,” and each solo leaves you wanting to clap. Jazz novices will easily enjoy this album and jazz snobs will appreciate the perfection of the musicians and the collection’s classic feel.

In the blog this week: Live albums part 2: Daft Punk, Opeth; David Buchbinder’s Salsa/Kelzlmer fusion

* highly recommended
! highest recommendation
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