Friday, July 27, 2007

Welcome to Casual Listening!

Welcome to the Casual Listening Blog! About a month ago, I started sending a weekly e-mail tipsheet of new music to friends and family, and response has been so good that I've been asked to put it on the web. I also hope to use this space to talk about music with readers, and maybe review some music that didn't make the weekly post.

Here are a few commitments I'd like to make with this blog -- I'm hoping you'll hold me to them.

1. Keep it Casual -- My guess is most people don't really care about trivia like the name of the drummer's high school band, they just want to know how the music sounds. So I'll try to keep things simple and focused on the music.

2. Focus on the Good Stuff -- I rarely do negative reviews, most of which are more about the critic's ego than about helping out the listener. Although I reserve the right to an honest opinion, I try to keep an open ear to the music, and will plead "no comment" on music I don't like more often than trashing it.

3. Bring the Unexpected -- Although I can't give great tips in every genre, I think I've got a wider range than most. My hope is that you'll find something here you never thought you'd catch yourself listening to and give it a try.

That's it. I'm hoping this will be as interactive an experience as possible, so don't hesitate to send questions, suggestions, challenges, new ideas, and even your own reviews if you think I misjudged something. Let's have fun!

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